Manhã de Carnaval – A day in the life of a fool


The song “Manhã de Carnaval” is from the Brazilian movie, Black Orpheus, based on the Greek legend of the great yet tragic love of Orpheus and Eurydice. In the movie, it is believed that Orfeu can make the sun come up, by playing his guitar.

Sung in Portuguese and English, by Sandra Lea Wise

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Music by Luiz Bonfá and lyrics by Antonio Mariz, 1960. English lyrics by George Weiss, Hugo Peretti.


Manhã tão bonita manhã,

na vida uma nova canção.

Cantando só os teus olhos, teu riso e as tuas mãos,

pois há de haver o dia, em que virás.

Das cordas do meu violão, não sei se outro dia virá,

E vem uma voz, falar dos beijos perdidos,

Nos lábios teus.

Translation of Portuguese lyrics by Sandra Wise

(The translation is literal, not lyrical.)

Morning so beautiful morning,

in life a new song.

Singing only your eyes, your

laughter and your hands,

for there will be the day, on which you will come.

From the chords of my guitar, I don’t know if another day will come,

And comes a voice, to speak of the kisses lost

on your lips.

English lyrics

I’ll sing to the sun in the sky,

I’ll sing as the moon rises high.

Carnival time is here,

Magical time of year…

And as the time draws near,

Dreams lift my heart.

I’ll sing as I play my guitar,

I’ll dream of the dreams from afar…

Will love come my way,

this Carnival day.

And stay, here in my heart!

“Canta o meu coração, alegria voltou, tão feliz a manhã

desse amor!”

Translation, Sandra Wise

“My heart sings, happiness returned,

so happy the morning of this love!”

Dedicated to Ivo,  It is well with my soul

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English version – A Day in the Life of a Fool, Lyrics by Frank Sinatra.

Walk the avenue

A day in the life of a fool,
A sad and a long lonely day.
I walk the avenue and hope I’ll run into
that lovely sight of you coming my way.

I stop just across from your door
but you’re never home anymore,
So back to my room and there in the gloom
I cry tears of goodbye!
…Til you come back to me, that’s the way it will be everyday in the life of fool…!

English version download, available at:   ITunes, CD Baby, Amazon sung by Sandra Lea Wise

Arrangement and instrumentals by Jason Le Blanc: Audio Art Café